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Water yourself and lose weight

Portrait of young beautiful woman drinking water at summer green park.

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Spring Water can be really helpful for weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories, and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals. The benefits are even greater when you replace sweet beverages with water.

Sufficient water intake helps in flushing out toxins from the body and gives a boost to the metabolism. Drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning can help you in losing weight and belly fat. It will help in cleansing your system. One option is to pour a bag of tea into the warm water and drink it without sugar or cream.

If you are one of those forgetting about drinking water during the day, you can download any app and this will keep you updated about your water intake.

Because water fast restricts calories, you will lose a lot of weight quickly. In fact, research shows that you may lose up to 2 pounds each day, but unfortunately, a lot of the weight you lose may come from water, carbs, and even muscle mass.
Another fact we should consider is water retention. Among other facts, Water retention is caused by :
● Poor diet. One of the main causes of water retention is poor diet – both excess sodium levels and excess sugar can lead to water retention.

● Excess insulin
● Lack of movement
● Being overweight
● Pregnancy
● Medications
● Underlying medical problems
● Prostatic issues in men

There are several ways to reduce excess water weight fast and safely:
● Exercise on a Regular Basis
● Sleep More.
● Stress Less
● Take Electrolytes
● Reduce considerably Salt Intake.
● Take a Magnesium Supplement
● Take a Dandelion Supplement
● Drink More Water
Symptoms of water retention can include:
● bloating, especially in the abdominal area
● swollen legs, feet, and ankles
● puffiness of the abdomen, face, and hips
● stiff joints
● weight fluctuations
● indentations in the skin, similar to what you see on your fingers when you’ve been in the bath
or shower a long time
If you feel or have any of these symptoms, please contact your doctor before taking any drugs or medicine.

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Portrait of young beautiful woman drinking water at summer green park.

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